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— Currently Attending —


Country: Kazakhstan

Testimony: “In my childhood I lived by my parents’ faith. The older I became, the more I understood that every second of my life is given to me by the greatest grace. And I actually understood that I needed to build my own relationship with Jesus. I know that my parents’ prayers are not enough for saving me from all troubles so that is why I need to become more independent and responsible for my life.

When I was 14  I went to a Christian camp of the Baptist church for the first time. Usually in many churches during worship, the pastor calls upon people to repent and have a new life. There was one evening while I sang a song and something happened inside of me. I can’t even describe how I felt that night. That was the first time God convicted me. I was born into the Christian family and my love for God has been growing in me gradually day after day. I hope that CCBC will teach me to build a  stronger relationship with God.

I am so exited and look forward to go to CCBC. Returning home after two years I want to further develop children’s ministry in my church where I am currently serving. I can’t actually say that I have perfect relationship with God now, but I truly believe that CCBC will give me both the theory and practice.”

Stefan Nortje

Country: South Africa

Testimony: Stefan was awarded a scholarship through the All Nations Grant Program which would not have been possible without generous donations and prayer. He is currently in his second semester studying on campus at Calvary Chapel Bible College.

Stefan’s pastor shared: “Stefan started as most in the youth group but quickly differentiated himself as a leader, showing his love for Christ and a desire to study the Word. He was central in youth ministry as well as Sunday nights worship. Even now at CCBC, Stefan and I have a weekly call. His dedication to his work and studies to show himself approved (for heart knowledge) and not just to pass a test is a huge encouragement.

“Stefan is a natural leader and younger boys/men will be drawn to him. When he returns to South Africa, I believe he will be running the youth and Sunday kids church ministries. He has attended three outreaches at Big Bear and one to Mexico so has a heart for missions as well. I wouldn’t put him in a box for specific tasks within our church, nor rule out the possibility of a new thing whatever that may look like.

“Stefan draws people, having the answers to people’s questions (as the Spirit would lead him) will make him even more effective in the Lords work.”

— Approved & Funded —

Nakitto Asha

Country: Uganda

Testimony: “Coming from a Muslim background, I scoffed at Christians in my heart, determined not to change my “religion” as early as Primary School. When my dad moved me to a new school I had a gentle, loving Christian teacher who taught my class Social Studies. He loved us, prayed for us, and always spoke to us about Christ, even during lesson time. When I transitioned to secondary school, the Holy Spirit deepened His convictions upon my heart, held me, guided me and gave me a desire to seek to know Him, though I was placed in Muslim schools. A scoffer at first, nineteen years later my confession is continuing to grow strong that Jesus Christ is my Lord and my God. As Paul said, indeed “the goodness of the Lord” led me to true repentance.”

Asha is a part of the Women’s ministry leadership team at Calvary Chapel Kampala in Uganda. She has been nominated to receive a full scholarship through the All Nations Grant Program by Pastor Zeddie who believes she will be a great leader for their women’s ministry. His heart is that the training the Lord will provide through Calvary Chapel Bible College will help her grow in the knowledge of the Word and develop her leadership skills so that she will be better equipped to pour into the women of Kampala. As the Lord wills, if she is blessed with a scholarship to Calvary Chapel Bible College, with her love for teaching God’s Word, she will return home after her two years of studies to disciple and teach women within the church. She also has a heart to develop women’s ministries that will bless the women of Kampala for generations to come.


Country: Ethiopia

Testimony: Meklit comes from a strong Christian family and attends a fantastic evangelical church. She is a lay leader of the youth group of over 1,000 young people. There was an amazing prophecy given about her coming to the US to study. This was witnessed by a leader of Harmony Outreach Ministry along with about 15 others.

John Bentley of Harmony Outreach shares: “In May of 2015, while I was in Sodo, Ethiopia–sitting on the front row of one of Ethiopia’s largest evangelical churches, as I am waiting for Pastor Dawit to call me to the lectern to introduce the Harmony mission team, the Spirit of the Lord suddenly spoke to my heart: ‘John, you can still change the life of a child–only make it an older child.’ And into my mind flashed the face of Meklit, my absolute favorite from a youth group of 1,500.

“As soon as church was over I found Meklit and asked if I could speak to her parents. She found her mom, and with my own mom at my side, I said, ‘What would you think if, when Meklit graduates, I brought her to the U.S. to attend two years of college?’ Alemtesehay’s mouth dropped open. She then explained how on Thursday evening Meklit and her dad were at a graduation party. A visiting speaker was giving a short devotional message but in the middle of his message he suddenly stopped, pointed to Meklit and said, ‘Now you are living with your parents. But soon a friend will come from the United States. He will bring you to America and teach you things you could never learn here. This will start a new chapter in your life and be the beginning of your ministry.’ This event was witnessed by 35 people from Stadium Church. Later that night, Meklit and her father recounted these events to her mom and Meklit recorded all of this in her diary. And then, just three days later, I was asking Alemtesehay for permission to bring Meklit to the U.S. when she graduates!”

Meklit has now graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA! She serves in the youth group at Stadium Church in Ethiopia. This will be the beginning of a life in ministry, although what that looks like has not yet been revealed.

Pictured: Meklit’s mother Alemtesehay, Meklit, and John Bentley


David’s real name and photo are not disclosed for his protection.

Country: Ghana

Testimony: David has been recommended by the pastor of the church where he currently serves in Ghana. He is from a family of idol worship and Islam. He stood against persecution and became a Christian. David’s pastor shared that David is an evangelist and prayer warrior of the Church and he believes David will continue his calling with more knowledge and skill after attending CCBC.

David’s pastor believes that David’s time of study at CCBC will equip him to serve better as an evangelist and also lead him to discover more about his calling. He will also be able to apply his knowledge and skill to his local community.

— Praying for Funding —

Naveen Vangivarapu​

Country: India

Testimony: Naveen accepted Christ when he was 17 years old. He began attending a Baptist church in his home country of India. He attended a DTS discipleship training with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Hyderabad, India for six months.

Naveen is part of the YWAM team working with HIV patients and their children, helping with their nutritional program, and serving as the worship leader. His desire is to learn more of God’s Word to help him counsel others in the ministry.

Naveen’s pastor shared this: “I believe this experience of attending Calvary Chapel Bible College will give Naveen a deeper understanding of God’s Word and having the opportunity of studying with international students will give him more of a world perspective for ministry. His expanding knowledge of the Word of God will help the team in Hyderabad, India. I will say that he is a gentle and humble young man who wants to serve God in a more powerful way.”


Country: Uganda

Testimony: Jimmy was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. While in Primary School, he was invited by his schoolmates to an evangelistic drama, The Heaven’s Gate and Hell’s Flames, at a Pentecostal Church. The drama depicted the agony of hell and the glory of heaven. Alongside the impact the drama had on him, one of Jimmy’s teachers would regularly tell him about salvation in Jesus Christ. Eventually he was led to confess faith in Christ in 2002. He is currently Calvary Chapel Kampala’s Youth and Young Adults Leader.

Jimmy would like to develop in his gift of teaching the Word and his leadership skills. His desire is to someday attend CCBC, grow in the Lord, be equipped for leadership, then return to Calvary Kampala to continue leading the youth and young adults and teach at the CCBC-Uganda Affiliate Campus.

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