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The All Nations Grant Program

Each semester CCBC Murrieta has about 25 international students from countries across the world from various denominations. This semester we have students from the UK, Canada, Belize, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Haiti, Vietnam, South Africa, China and Japan! These students are precious to us by bringing their culture, diversity and passion for God to our campus and in turn stirring up our domestic students towards international missions. Unfortunately, as you might guess, often many of them can’t afford to complete their degree. We want to come alongside students like these to help them by raising support on their behalf. We hope this also supports international churches by providing fully funded, biblical training to as many as we can. Our goal is to raise enough support to provide full scholarships for 25 international students to cover their entire academic program. 

The All Nations Grant Program recipients will receive:

  • Up to $16,292 to cover tuition, housing, food, textbooks for a maximum of 4 semesters depending on the program.
    • The programs available for funding are the Associates of Biblical Studies (2 yrs.), Diploma in Biblical Studies (2 yrs.) or Essentials Certificate in Biblical Studies (1 yr.)
    • This grant is available for both our on-campus and online programs.
    • We’re asking the student’s pastor to make the decision as to whether or not it makes the most sense in their country’s context to send them to California, or if it’s better that they take online classes.
  • Mentorship from CCBC staff and local pastors and churches during their studies (if on-campus).
  • Currently we are asking the student (or sending church) to cover the cost of flights to our campus.

Qualifications for Students

  • They must a hold to CCBC’s statement of faith and meet the standard requirements for admissions.
  • They must have a heart for missions work, church ministry, or church planting.
  • They must plan to come back to their country to serve there, rather than staying in America.
  • They must speak, read and write in English well enough to benefit from English classes and books, as well as pass the TOEFL test.
  • They must be able to obtain a passport and complete basic visa requirements if coming to Murrieta, CA.
  • They must have the ability to study full-time and finish the program within two-years.


As funding comes in we’ll review the applications with the All Nations Grant Program Committee and prayerfully decide based on the above qualifications being met as well as the following considerations being prioritized:

  • A diversity of countries being represented at CCBC.
  • The student’s ministry plans after graduation. 
  • The pastoral references that are received.
  • A unanimous vote from the committee with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

After a decision has been made we will let the students know if they’ve been approved for funding. Only one person from each church can be nominated. We obviously won’t be able to provide scholarships for everyone, but we’ll add approved applicants to a waitlist in case more support comes in.

Terms & Conditions

CCBC does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, gender, or color in the administration of this grant program. The college complies with all applicable federal regulations. The college reserves the right to, and does maintain student educational and behavioral standards and employment requirements and standards based upon religious considerations consistent with its role and mission.

While the goal of the All Nations Grant Program committee will be to award 25 two-year scholarships, the committee may allocate the funds towards one-year Essentials in Biblical Studies Certificates (or partial scholarships) if not enough funding is received, or if it is the desired program of the student. All of the donations received will only be used to support international students who meet the qualifications above.

How to Nominate Someone

We have opened our application to look for new students able to start in Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Fall 2020 terms. Nominations are now being accepted by pastors of international churches. This helps us ensure the person nominated is in good standing with their local church. If you believe the All Nations Grant Program would benefit someone in your church please click the button below fill out a form to nominate them.

Nomination (for churches to fill out)

How to Apply Yourself

Nominations from pastors at churches will be prioritized, but prospective international students are also allowed to apply themselves. You will have to provide at least two references from local pastors or missionary organizations. If your pastor has already nominated you, please do not fill out this form.

Application (for students to fill out)

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