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Asha Nakitto

Country: Uganda

Testimony: “Coming from a Muslim background, I scoffed at Christians in my heart, determined not to change my “religion” as early as Primary School. When my dad moved me to a new school I had a gentle, loving Christian teacher who taught my class Social Studies. He loved us, prayed for us, and always spoke to us about Christ, even during lesson time. When I transitioned to secondary school, the Holy Spirit deepened His convictions upon my heart, held me, guided me and gave me a desire to seek to know Him, though I was placed in Muslim schools. A scoffer at first, nineteen years later my confession is continuing to grow strong that Jesus Christ is my Lord and my God. As Paul said, indeed “the goodness of the Lord” led me to true repentance.”

Asha is a part of the Women’s ministry leadership team at Calvary Chapel Kampala in Uganda. She has been nominated to receive a full scholarship through the All Nations Grant Program by Pastor Zeddie who believes she will be a great leader for their women’s ministry. His heart is that the training the Lord will provide through Calvary Chapel Bible College will help her grow in the knowledge of the Word and develop her leadership skills so that she will be better equipped to pour into the women of Kampala. As the Lord wills, if she is blessed with a scholarship to Calvary Chapel Bible College, with her love for teaching God’s Word, she will return home after her two years of studies to disciple and teach women within the church. She also has a heart to develop women’s ministries that will bless the women of Kampala for generations to come.


Country: Kazakhstan

Testimony: “In my childhood I lived by my parents’ faith. The older I became, the more I understood that every second of my life is given to me by the greatest grace. And I actually understood that I needed to build my own relationship with Jesus. I know that my parents’ prayers are not enough for saving me from all troubles so that is why I need to become more independent and responsible for my life.

When I was 14  I went to a Christian camp of the Baptist church for the first time. Usually in many churches during worship, the pastor calls upon people to repent and have a new life. There was one evening while I sang a song and something happened inside of me. I can’t even describe how I felt that night. That was the first time God convicted me. I was born into the Christian family and my love for God has been growing in me gradually day after day. I hope that CCBC will teach me to build a  stronger relationship with God.

I am so exited and look forward to go to CCBC. Returning home after two years I want to further develop children’s ministry in my church where I am currently serving. I can’t actually say that I have perfect relationship with God now, but I truly believe that CCBC will give me both the theory and practice.”

Naveen Vangivarapu

Country: India

Testimony: Naveen accepted Christ when he was 17 years old. He began attending a Baptist church in his home country of India. He attended a DTS discipleship training with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Hyderabad, India for six months.

Naveen is part of the YWAM team working with HIV patients and their children, helping with their nutritional program, and serving as the worship leader. His desire is to learn more of God’s Word to help him counsel others in the ministry.

Naveen’s pastor shared this: “I believe this experience of attending Calvary Chapel Bible College will give Naveen a deeper understanding of God’s Word and having the opportunity of studying with international students will give him more of a world perspective for ministry. His expanding knowledge of the Word of God will help the team in Hyderabad, India. I will say that he is a gentle and humble young man who wants to serve God in a more powerful way.”

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